Russia’s aggression against Ukraine has changed lives of millions of Ukrainians.

The bombed-out Kharkiv, fully destroyed Mariupol, shot and raped Bucha, Borodyanka, Irpin, Chernihiv and Sumy do not surrender, but people are forced to leave their hero cities.

While the fearless Armed Forces of Ukraine are doing the outmost to repel the enemy from Ukraine, our team, volunteers, and ordinary people from all over the country provide logistical support, evacuating civilians, opening shelters, helping people with HIV and other chronic diseases.

Undoubtedly, we do it with our great team and with the help of our friends from all over the world, our partners, and compassionate Ukrainians.

Humanitarian aid to people in trouble

With the beginning of the Russian aggression, the ELEOS-Ukraine network sent out hundreds of letters with requests to foreign foundations and partners asking for support and provision of humanitarian aid for the victims of the Russian aggression.

In response, our friends and partners continue to provide humanitarian aid, which we unload, sort and distribute for delivery to all branches of the Network and other parts of Ukraine on prior request.

The head office in Kyiv is constantly working to provide humanitarian assistance by supplying clothing, food, personal hygiene products to the city social centres in Kyiv. Social service offices, in turn, provide targeted distribution of humanitarian aid.

The Organization, together with volunteers, supports military hospitals with medicines and medical equipment. In March, we received, unloaded and delivered about 50 tons of medications and equipment for the Central Military Hospital in Kyiv.

Disregarding the high level of danger and damaged roads, we provided humanitarian support to Chernihiv City. We know that the city has suffered greatly from Russian aggression and its residents are in critical need of help and support. The humanitarian deliveries were transferred the Rector of St. Catherine’s Church, which he and his assistants distributed to the people in need.

Evacuation of people from the hot spots of Ukraine

In March ELEOS-Ukraine, with the support of the Renaissance Foundation, began evacuating people from Kyiv, Kyiv Oblast and Kharkiv.

For the period of three weeks we managed to evacuate 500 people. The most touching was the route with 50 children from Slovyansk.

Every day, the drivers free of charge evacuate ready to leave people and their pets, the elderly people and people with disabilities. Passenger buses arrive to the evacuation sites with humanitarian deliveries for those who choose to stay at home.

Currently, the evacuation from the Kyiv City has been suspended, and passenger minibuses have been redirected to the east of the country, where the Russian aggression is intensifying.

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For increasing the evacuation capacity we received assistance from the Peace and Development Foundation and the Jerzy Giedroyc Foundation to procure one more minibus. This has strengthened hopes of rescuing more people. Part of the assistance from the Foundations was used for the repair of shelters for internally displaced people.

Assistance to people suffered from russian military aggression including vulnerable groups

Thanks to the support of the NGO 100% of life ELEOS-Ukraine is opening 3 shelters for temporarily displaced persons in Ivano-Frankivsk, Rivne and Chernivtsi regions.

Shelters are undergoing active repairs to accommodate homeless people as soon as possible. Each of the shelters will accommodate 30 IDPs for temporary residence. It is planned to raise funds in order to continue repair works and to provide the shelter residents with the necessities,

But our shelters are not just about safe living. Here, IDPs will also receive comprehensive assistance from 15 qualified specialists. In addition to the relevant knowledge, social workers and psychotherapists will also implement the resocialization program for victims.

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Protection of women and children from home violence

The St. Olga Shelter, disregarding its close location to the long-suffering towns of Bucha and Gostomel remained intact. Currently, the Shelter staff is safe and help IDPs find housing and jobs.

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The Shelter specialists provide psychological support for adults using the zoom platform with pre-registration.

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In addition, ELEOS-UKRAINE jointly with the Community without Violence Project purchased an autonomous autoclave for mobile sterilization of instruments and the necessary medicines for the Kyiv City Maternity Hospital №1.

An online session with Israeli psychologist Gila Petrova was held to strengthen the potential of the ELEOS-UKRAINE team. The psychologist provided the team workers with tools for detecting and managing personal emotions arising in the wartime. We understand that hard times often provoke professional burnout, so it is important to take care of the emotional and psychological health of our team.

Overcoming stigma and discrimination of people living with HIV

A full-scale invasion to Ukraine has exacerbated many problems in the society. This includes the availability and accessibility of medicines and tolerance for people suffering from socially significant diseases. IDPs have faced new challenges in new places of residence, in particular:

  • adaptation to new living conditions, where everything is unfamiliar;
  • search for important medicines and social service centres;
  • fear that someone after learning about their illness will stigmatize and discriminate them and they will have to seek refuge again

As the Dnipro City and the region now work as the main humanitarian site of the country, the team of the Positive Faith Project decided to focus its advocacy work on HIV to the residents of Dnipropetrovsk region. The Project coordinator Natalia Geiman together with the clergy of Dnipropetrovsk region holds informational meetings on HIV/AIDS issues with parishioners accomodating IDPs. This will help alleviate the emotional condition of IDPs and reduce stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV.

Also, the project team and Archpriest Serhiy Kramarenko, the head of the Dnipropetrovsk branch of medical chaplains, developed a strategy for responding to requests for social services from HIV-infected people. Now when HIV-positive people come to the priests, they will know how to help them.

ELEOS-UKRAINE in the regions

Eleos-Dnipro and Eleos-Mariupol

In Dnipro City, Eleos-Dnipro has teamed up with the evacuated Eleos-Mariupol, Metropolitan Serhiy Horobtsov and other volunteers to provide primary care for IDPs from Mariupol and other areas of eastern Ukraine where battles are being waged.

Since mid-March the social service team opened the humanitarian volunteer’s hub “Good morning, we are from Mariupol”. Every day long queues of people in need of the humanitarian aid are lined near the hub as they lost everything. At the beginning of the hub works there were 50 people in need, but every day their number grows and as of March 31 more than 500 people come to the hub every day.


Over UAH 200 000 were spent on financial assistance to Mariupol residents who left their homes due to active hostilities.

About 100 tons of humanitarian deliveries were unloaded and distributed, including food, personal hygiene products, clothes, bedding sets, medicines, etc. Volunteers help IDPs to find housing.

Archpriest Serhiy Kramarenko from the Church of St. Spiridon of Trymuthous also provides humanitarian aid to the people in need, makes necessary procurements for servicemen, every Saturday organizes meals for homeless people on the outskirts of Dnipro City and visits cancer patients at the Children’s Regional Oncology Center.

In the Kamyanske town, Feodosiy Alisov also organizes aid for the military men and people remaining in areas where hostilities are active. Monks and caring people also provide food for the homeless and low-income people.

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Metropolitan Serhiy Horobtsov, Head of the Synodal Department of Social Service of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church thanked the people of good will who help support Ukrainians during the hard times of the war.


Eleos-Lviv together with the NGO Golden Years implements a project of producing underwear for servicemen on the front line.

The volunteer mini-enterprise for producing military underwear started its work on March 2 and during this time our volunteers produced more than 1,200 items of underwear, which was delivered to Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, Kherson, Kakhovka and hospitals in Vynnyky,  Truskavets and Skhidnytsia.

The German volunteer organization Johanniter-Weihnachtstrucker provided to Lviv 40 tons of humanitarian aid. The Eleos-Lviv team and volunteers unloaded the deliveries, distributed them  into small trucks and sent to other regions, including Dnipro, Chernihiv, Bryukhovychi, Obroshino, Lviv, Kyiv, Vinnytsia, Chervonohrad and Zimna Voda.

Humanitarian aid was provided to Mariupol, Kharkiv and Sumy through the Poltava Patrol Police. Together with the NGO Make Dream Come True the necessities were sent to Ukrainka, Rivne,  Kharkiv and Vytvytska territorial community.

Also, about 5,000 liters of potable water were transferred to the Lviv Military Medical Center and the Mostytsky Hospital. The combatant from the territorial defense of Mykolaiv received the bulletproof vest and necessary humanitarian aid.

The Organization also supports the displaced families by providing food, diapers, clothes, which first are sorted at the Church of St. John Chrysostom in Lviv.

Eleos-Lviv volunteers also provide psychological assistance to IDPs at the railway station and those who continue their journey to other European countries.


The Eleos-Kostiantynivka team continues to provide hot lunches to servicemen and the needy people.

Every day people can receive food, including children’s food, clothes and other humanitarian aid at the Holy Candlemas Church in Kostyantynivka.

The social service team unloads large trucks with food, clothing, footwear, hygiene products, diapers and others.

  • Over 5000 people received baby food, hygiene products, clothing and other baby products.
  • More than 5,000 food packages were distributed to families affected by the Russian aggression.
  • Over 3000 people received hot lunches.
  • 15 people received assistance for evacuation and 4 families found accommodations in Dnipro City and in the region.

In total, about UAH 60 000 composed of funds received from compassionate people, donations and personal contributions were spent for other assistance and fuel supplied in March.


Eleos-Rivne, together with other volunteers, transfers deliveries from friendly Lithuania and Poland to the eastern regions of Ukraine. These are humanitarian aid to IDPs, various equipment and medicine for the military.

Also, one of the shelters for IDPs will be organized in the Dubna district of Varkovetskaya territorial community. Currently, the repair works are underway. The shelter will soon be able to accommodate over 30 internally displaced persons.


Eleos-Volyn helps internally displaced persons and those who have lost their homes, people with disabilities, orphans and children deprived of parental care. It provides humanitarian, palliative, social and psychological assistance to the elderly people, persons demobilized from the ranks of the Armed Forces, victims of trafficking. Also it promotes volunteerism and charity, carries out other charitable activities attracting the clergy and laity.


The Head of the regional organization Eleos-Kherson created a hotline for psychological support to adults.

Really, it is impossible to cover the whole range of assistance provided for all those affected by the Russian aggression. However, the team of the ELEOS-UKRAINE Network is doing its job with inspiration to bring our victory closer.

Іn fact, we have already defeated the enemy, because Ukrainians are united, genuine, and able to share. The Lord inspires us, supports us, matches together all people who believe in Ukraine and the good!

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